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Ok, got a new Rig, nothing special...but the framerate is still awful as infantry.

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Yes bilton, I would only assume your playing on a super have logged the hours in game that you have on infantry.

because I cant get 10 minutes before my eyes start to blur from the framerate.

as it stands...I get better FPS, ten times better FPS flying around in battles in this game, than I do as a soldier on the ground.

I dont get it :\

Got a dual core 4600+, 3 gig ram, x1600 512 ram, 7.1 audigy.

Nothing special.

I just think its crazy that Ive been playing this game since the first day it came out.

I started, on a 450 mhz PC, with a 16 mb vid card, and 128 mb ram.

Some how...this game has been so magnificantly updated, that the new PC, gets a worst frame rate than I did running around as a soldier on the 450 mhz.

Something is up :(

I dont understand whats going on here.

15 fps hurts my eyes...makes them really ache quickly for some reason,

I cant play at 15 fps.

There must be a solution

as far as I can tell, I have all options turned down as far as they will go.

All, AA, and AF it turned off...Vsync, off, everythings been disabled..and still..its horrible framerates as a soldier in battles.

what must one purchase to play this game in 2006 ?

tell me, and I will buy it.

i thought I upgraded, somewhat sufficiently, lol :\

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I know, wrong forums I guesss..

but this isnt really a tech issue, as it is, an infantry issue.

Tanks, have better FPS than soldier for some reason..

Maybes its the field of view obviously, or the trees might display differently when your a soldier on a certain field of view, and that causes everything to slow down.

Or, maybe its just lag :(

why am I getting 15 FPS on foot ?

I only ask, because I know..there are some out there, who play this games infantry and enjoy it a lot.

Id like to play a little.

But I cant get the framerate up, at all, ever.

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I run a 3Ghz P4, 1Gb Ram, Ati Radeon x800 256mb and my frame rates are fine, as inf or flying. I do however run Ultra 320 SCSI hard disks... :)

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Like Mowers stated about his computer, mine is also a lot less capable then the newest of the new components that are available now.

Athlon XP 3200+

1.5 Gb RAM

Radeon 9800 Pro 128

I get 30+ on ground and 50+ in the air.

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Not cool :(

I just bought this PC cause I thought my 2.7 ghz P4, 1.5 gig ram, x600 128mbram, system wasnt cutting it


its me.

wwiiol will not run on infantry around these new trees, irregardless of how much I upgrade my system.

must be my account

"Give that crap connection, the one with that horrible framerates, to ralpher"

:( Im sad

what in thw rold could it be?

We're talking, A NEW COMPUTER

bought yesterday, on black friday

Brand new video card, brand new ram.

brand new PC.

updated all drivers...and only have ONE PIECE OF SOFTWARE INSTALLED ON THIS THING.

thats world war 2 online.

I'm not following in the world can i do?

how do you flodge a new pc?

why does flying produce decent (30-60) FPS, while infantry produces, like 15ish FPS :(

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its got to be the trees.

basically, I think the reason I get better FPS in the air, is cause im not on the ground zoomed in so close to the flickering trees and bushes and such..

and ofcourse, when in big battles, specifically, facing big battles.

when flying, your all over, looking everywhere, its not as big a deal, since most of the time you might not even be facing the big battlke, and your FPS will only dip accordingly when you do (Which sucks, but thats another story)..

but when you infantry, your always facing your target...the town is always in front of you, in your field of view...and hence, your always playing, with like 15ish FPS.



SORRY FOR CAPS, but Im concerned, lol

who goes out and buys a rig like this for a game...

only to find out they didnt need a rig like this...and its the game itself..that just isnt working with...your account or something.

I dont know :\

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There was an issue about the newer drivers for some video cards causing bad framerates.

Try using an older driver for your card. Cant hurt to try.

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I'm haveing all kinds of issues with FPS also with my new rig and WWIIOL.

E6700 Duo Core, 2 gig 444-12 800 ram, EVGA 680i MB, X-FI Extremegamer Pro (XRAM) sound card, with a EVGA 8800 GTX on a Dell 24" Widescreen monitor.

Crap FPS in zoomed mode with trees.

I play at 1920x1200x32 x16 ansio x8 AA and get same FPS as 12x7 with no Ansio or AA. I play with vsync on.

Things that made a big difference in FPS and stopped lock ups (total system freeze requiring reboot) that I was getting running WWIIOL.

All shaders off. No grass, water, or post render.

Dithering off.

Specular off.

Video drivers:

Nforce 98.96 the 97.02 seemed to cause lockup problems.

Triple buffering off.

Threaded Optimization off.

Vsync forced on.


x86 exe not the SSE. SSE caused lockups.

NT Compatibility on removed stutters.

Still in big combat my FPS dips to 25 FPS and sometimes lower like 17 FPS when in binos looking at trees / big sceens at field of view 5 degrees.

When running others games at 1920x1200 x16 ansio, x16qx AA, & vsync on;

Using FRAPS that displays on my G15 keyboard LCD display:

Advanced Warfighter everything on max and locked at 60 FPS.

Medieval II everything on max with Huge formations 30-50 FPS; when 2 armies on both sides FPS much lower at 17 but using normal size formations I'm still in the 20s for FPS with 4 armies on the field.

Neverwinter Nights 2 everything on max and 30 FPS.

BF 2142 everything on and locked at max FPS 60.

ILS max settings locked at 60 FPS.

Falcon 4 AF and Open Falocn locked at 60 FPS.

The list goes on and on.

Locked at 60 means that the FPS stays at 60 my max with vsync on ie doesn't dip below it.

WWIIOL seems to need new shaders besides the obvious new gfx engine. My AMD 3400 6800GT with 1 gig 400mhz ram faired the same FPS. All I got really updating to this uber system is the abilitly to use 19x12 with x16 ansio and x8 AA which is due to the 8800GTX.

Only game that has required extensive fiddeling around to make it run becuase it was locking up my systme or running horried FPS like 5 FPS at times before I figured out the formula to run ok is WWIIOL. Sad isn't it?

I'm like you guys. The only real game I was hoping to run awesome is WWIIOL and it runs crappy with my new rig compared to the huge gains I've got across the board in all other games. Here i mostly got headaches......

Let me add this also. For the life of me I can't get rid of a layered sky in WWIIOL. All other fligth sims no gfx problems. But WWIIOL all I get is a layered sky color. Very annoying. Anyone have a fix for that?

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no joke girl friend brought her card over she just bought yesterday..

3400+ amd

1 gig ram

put her ATI x1600 pro 512 in my computer

better then my 6600gt... now i have to go buy new card sigh...

that was with almost ever thing on.

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I have everything turned off, all AA, AF, everything, Vsync, all of it

still get lik 15 FPS near trees on the ground.

which, is basically, everywhere.

this is so stupid, I cant play at this FPS...

when did they DO THIS TO WW2OL?

when did it become unplayable? on even the most spectatucular of systems?

what did they do to the code? and why dont they just go back to an earlier version?

We used to play in anhee with hundreds upon hundreds of people on top of each other...and my FPS WAS NEVER THIS BAD, and that was on a 1 gig machine with 512 ram..and a 32 mb video card.

what in the heck did you guys do to this game :(?

Man, wtf, im sad now, i was hear day one yellin this and that..

but, to think they just up and, just screwed this game over for a large percentage of its players, for a few moving trees...thats just retarded.

I really hope this, just happened...and its in the works, to fix it, very soon.

how long has this game been unplayable even with 2+ gig of ram and decent video cards?

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Curious about the 3gig.

Did you buy 2x 1gb and placed your old 2x 512 into it as well?

In that case the lowest speed ram will be the one, the pc will use?

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I am not going to go into everyones post of their system and problems but I can pretty much assure you it is NOT the game.

I run a Opty170 OC'd to 2.8g, 2 gigs of PC5000, 7900GTO @ 710/775 and a DFI board. Max settings in game are on nothing off except Post render filter.

In my GPU settings I have AA @ 2Q, AF @ 2, Trilenear, Supersampling and image quality to quality. I AVERAGE 50 FPS usually running in the 50-80 range. If I turn off AA and AF and Trilinear to Bi or off and SS to MS and Image quality to performance I get 100+. I am using tweaksrus 92.91 drivers and 6.86 for the board.

Download 3dmark03 or 05 and run them at their stock settings don't change resolution or anything, but just run the first tests not the CPU in 05 or the CPU and sound in 03 and post your results. It should be 4 tests in 03 and 3 in 05 I believe.

My results for a gauge are 3dmark03 24,000 and 3dmark05 11,700.

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This is The Barracks, not tech support.

Kindly follow the forum rules or else there will be consequences.

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Ralpher1: something must be wrong with your rig, build one for my friend much like yours, same cpu, Asus mb, only 2 Gs ram, and with a 7900GTO running 710/800 in it, with 8*AA, trilenear filtering, highest quality settings and everything turned on running at 1280*1024, I couldn't get it below 45 fps, even when in trees, throwing lots of smoke and firefight around me.

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ok, so i turned on se2, and turned off, post render, and the flight actually , got evne

had some good flying

and, I will be honest, the ninfantry, did get better

im closer to between 17-23ish during battles....

obviously lower when lookin at trees...(Im sure something, is in the works to simplify em up a little)

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hmm...that would be insane to not drop below 45 fps..that doesnt make sense

its a new PC..

to be honest, ive bought 2 new PC's,a nd isntalled wwiionline on the last 2 days.

a 2.7 P4,

a 3500+ athlon

and this 4600+

all of them had 1.5-3 gig of ram.

and solid video cards.

for some reason, infantry in this game, for me, on any at a low FPS.

real low....

espicelllalyl round trees,

I dont get it :\

lol,. id like to say its the system, but it really cant be at this point.

lol, been playin as long as anyone..and now have played wwiiol on probably a dozen or more PC's

they have all been progressively better PC's

and wwiiol has played progresssively almost worst.


ahh well

I luv this game anyways.

too bad it cant work for me :( id throw money at it...but that doesnt seem to help :\


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This is The Barracks, not tech support.

Kindly follow the forum rules or else there will be consequences.

Getting beat up in game so now you picking your fights with forum newbies?

Shame on you...

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ive been fighitng with bilton, since day one.


probabbklyl, 5000 post between the two of us over the years.


EDIT: And he's still a shmuck to me, lol ...ahh day infantry in this game will work sweet for me..and that...will be z day.....then I wont need any help, lol

I used to cruise these boards more than anyone, lol

I just wanna play now, lol

mu ahaha.

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thx for the help all

to be honest, it appears, its something to do with maybe my internet connection, or possibly even....just the work luck in the world....

and the last 4 PCs i bought, just happen to be the few in the world that dont work with the trees, lol....

up close, or with binocs, the trees, hurt me, :\

im sure they'll come up with a compromise for this.

not so good trees...but, maybe, not as bad as they were...

so...some of us can still play with decent fps, and the others can still enjoy, decent

theyll do something im sure...

comptromise in someway and fix this tree issue somehow, lol

I mean, its Trees' and huge battles that are killing my framerate, and treees in huge battles, are destyroying it,


see ya all

piece out bilton

good to see ya.

good look and good health to everyone.

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oh and for the 3 gig question

it came with 2,

i bought an extra gig stik in the store, im hopin its the same speed ddr2 pc4200 ram,

lol :\

would suck if the ones in the PC were slower lol :\

anyways im drunk, off to fly

and possibly get into a little infatry comabt when it seems approptirate, lol

ill post some 3dmark fiugureios when I can.

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ok 7275 on 3dmark03

but thats the demo tho :\

arent you supposed to tweak the potions ot raise that score? that score not make sense no matter what with a dual core 4600+, x1600 512 ram, 3 gig ram.


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ok, so after doing somer research, apparently, the 3dmark03 doesnt like the x1600 are benchmarking in the 10,000 range

this sucks, i wonder if the x1600 or similar ATi products are possibly the soource ?

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