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Just my luck! (low fps)

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I had to turn my settings right down, I was Shedow on my last account, but some really cool person gave me a gift card which i really appreciate :D

But yeah, I couldnt play it before, then I got a new ran smooth as silk on highest settings, but that was the end of my last account.

NOW, I get something VERY wierd.

I just started playing again just after christmas, and i've noticed that my FPS only drops when i look in a certain just sits at reason at all, it's just when i look in a certain direction it will do it, which makes attacking places really hard as normally I will have to go alllll the way around to the rear of the enemy just so I can get smooth FPS and easier kills.

The FPS also drops whenever something explodes I think..although, I havent experienced this lately after the latest patch.

I have all my settings at lowest for the moment, except my resolution and the unit limit or whatever it is.

This is frustrating, it only happens sometimes, and it only happens in the good battles.

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