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*** UNABLE TO LOG IN TO GAME? -- Readme!

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This post refers to incidents of players who have active subscriptions but who are finding the game stalls at the connecting to host phase.

At the end of this post I'm going to describe a couple of methods you can use to help the community support folks to help you diagnose and maybe fix your problem. See "4. Finding the cause".

1. PC Firewalls

Many firewalls tie access rules to specific instances of a program. Since we are dealing with a new patch, if you are consistently unable to log into the game, you may find that there is a firewall dialog *behind* the game. This will particularly be true if you run Norton, Zone Alarm or Windows XP Service Pack 2 or service packs of Windows ME or 2000 that include firewall software.

2. External Firewalls

If you have an external firewall, you may need to ensure that you have ports 27015-27020 open for WWII Online. If you are particular about your firewall rules, our game servers use IP addresses in the 66.28.224/24 network and 63.210.132/24.

3. CTD Logs

CTD stands for "Crash To Desktop". When the game exits unexpectedly, you should find one or more log files in your c:\playnet\crs\wwiiol directory (or the directory you told the installer to install to), particularly wwiiabort.log (if you have a "vanilla" windows installation, you may not see the ".log" extension, but you should be able to find a "wwiiabort" file which the directory folder says is of type "log").

This log should include at least a one liner descriptive of what issue caused the game to shutdown.


4. Finding the cause

There are a couple of tools you can use to help find or eliminate causes of these problems.

4a. CheckNet

This is a simple windows program I've written to try and detect firewall or connectivity issues.

Simply download, run checknet.exe, and click on Start Test. If firewalls/connectivity are not an issue, you should 7 tests with a status of "-OK-" and a last line of "Connection tests completed OK."

4b. Training server

We have added some additional network debugging code to the Training Server ( If you are experiencing these problems, please try and log in to the training server and see if you are able to post a mission and launch into the game world.

5. Annecdotal solutions

Some players have reported that uninstalling the beta and live games and then re-installing the live game has eliminated the hanging at login process. If you have installed the 1.19 open-beta, we recommend you try this option.

If you continue to have problems, start a new thread with as much info as you can about when it fails, the error message you get, and your connection.

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We're seeing a LARGE number of login attempts failing for the simple reason that the account does not have a Trial or a Subscription.

To login to the game, an account must have an active Trial or Subscription.

If you have recently created an account but cannot login to the game, please login to your Account pages here:

Then click the Subscription link across the top and examine the information there to see if a Trial or Subscription is listed. If there isn't one, then you just need to sign up!

If there is but you cannot access the game, please submit a support request:

Also seeing a fair number of new players trying to login with their gamename.

You have a username and a gamename.

The username is what you use with a password to login to the game, the account pages, the forums, etc.

The gamename is never used to login to anything. It is what your name appears as in game and in the forums. The only place you ever use that is on the CS&R page to view the stats of a player, and in-game to do squad invites, private messages, etc.

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Use the Start Menu. The links on the new website do not work.

Start -> Programs -> Cornered Rat Software -> Battleground Europe -> Play Online!

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