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start of a new computer *pics*

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this is bud420's new computer

here is the case....and bud


this is a sweet arse video card


the main board and gpu in the case


next up is the memory (he's going with DDR2)


in case your wondering yes this is the board that accepts both AGP and PCI-E and DDR or DDR2

the main board is the ECS 915P

there are still alot of parts to go but his next thing i guess is either 2048MB DDR2 533 or the Enermax Noisetaker II 600W psu

ya the case is old. really old if you didn't notice the rusted CD-ROM in one of the bays. or the turbo button. the plan is to make the turbo button well turn on the turbos (more fans) the LCD screen will use a solid state relay to say his always famous BUD 420 it'll change between bud and 420.

all in all this ought to be a fun project all around

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Wow never knew there was a board that had agp and pci express. If I knew I would have upgraded a long time ago. Having to buy a new video card and ram was holding me back good find! Only one question... how does it overclock? =)

Here's mine.




Is that legionaire's disease on the bottom of the cd drive cage on the pic above the cpu? Your head was right next too it in the first pic too. Hehe Suppose it might be bong resin..

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Wow that thing has serious front fan!

I went the coolermaster case route:


Got it on newegg while it was on sale for 60 bucks if memory serves me right. I have 2 blue colored LED fans in the front grill now. Since that picture I've sacrificed one cd rom drive (the sliver bezel one) for a Hard drive, also above the fan speed knob is a neat gauge showing how many watts my computer is eating up. Right now its around 100-150 watts its blue LED back lighted, I went with this theme cause its real easy to get stuff in those colors.

Its really dirty and dusty actually right now, my house generates alot of dust...might have something to do with all my dads cigarette smoking.

EDIT: Taken this opportunity to use my new digital camera:

Clickable Thumbnails:

th_ComputerCase_03.jpg th_ComputerCase_07.jpg

Very nice motherboard. It certainly will be considered by me, a guy who can't afford to upgrade all at once again, be nice to keep my ram, video card and other stuff while I work on affording a new Video-card :) Althought I am an AMD guy at this time.

2nd EDIT: AH HA found an AMD version: http://www.atacom.com/program/print_html_new.cgi?cart_id=6377868_24_53_223_20&Pagecode=SEARCH_ALL&Item_code=MBA9_ELIT_K8_00&USER_ID=www

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hey now you cant hate on the case. it's always funny to see a old timer case with bad arse guts.

this isnt to say it wont be painted or modded to hell. who knows. bud420 is a electronics man lol.

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