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      It's with great pleasure to announce B2K as the new Forum Lead.   I am very confident he will be good for the forums, he has great ideas and direction for the future of the forums.
      Good luck sir and GOD speed.
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About my second or third sortie this evening I got a system message about netcode2 not being loaded or something and that the system was switching to standard. Something like that.

Anyway, no problem, I figured. Then I noticed an odd thing. My FPS of 10-20 maximum since 1.25 (was 40+ in 1.24) suddenly has become an FPS of 20-30 and sometimes 30-40.

So netcode2 off it is.

Still not chuffed that 1.25 is worse in performance terms than 1.24 - an update should improve matters, not worsen them. I've dropped all settings to low just to get close to the FPS I had in 1.24 with most settings there at medium, some high.

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