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World War II Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter based in Western Europe between 1939 and 1943. Through land, sea, and air combat using a ultra-realistic game engine, combined with a strategic layer, in the largest game world ever created - We offer the best WWII simulation experience around.

Allied Awards (Infantry/Armor) for Skill/Proficiency


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Awards for skill and proficiency are awarded by any player, to any other player, based on the results of the mission. These are subjective of course, to the opinion of the player, however experience shows that both Axis and Allied players are quite adept at recognizing skills when they see them.

To begin, no attack could occur if it were not for the dedicated soldiers who are willing to drive a truck, be it a Morris (Allied) or an Opel (Axis). These drivers must brave enemy scouts and defenses in order to "set" their Forward Mobile Spawns (FMS). This award is for those who constantly set FMS and who also constantly drive Ammo boxes around the battlefield, resupplying troops in the field. Moreover, it also applies to those drivers willing to drive from backline towns, in order to set Defensive Mobile Spawns (DFMS). 

Truck FMS Bronze (1st Award)


Truck FMS Silver  (2nd Award)


Truck FMS Gold (3rd Award)



If the offense is the best defense, then this next award recognizes those that tirelessly and fearlessly attack and destroy Enemy Forward Bases (EFBs) and Enemy Mobile Spawns (EMS).  This can be an individual award or it can be awarded for a team of troops who have bravely led the way in stopping enemy attacks!

Combat Engineer Award (1st Award)


Combat Engineer Award (2nd Award)


Combat Engineer Award (3rd Award)


The next award recognizes the efforts of those soldiers who perform exactly the opposite of a combat engineer, the sapper engineer. These players spent countless hours building fortifications, rebuilding AI, and even rebuilding bridges, sometimes under the most dire of circumstances. This award may also be given to those destroying enemy armor, as this soldier carries both HE and HEAT satchels, and repair kits.

Sapper Engineer Bronze (1st Award)


Sapper Engineer Silver (2nd Award)


Sapper Engineer Gold (3rd Award)



This next award recognizes those soldiers who recognize the importance of Defense, and is named "Bulldog" award. It is a broad award that all players may recognize through local HC for those players who demonstrate skill at setting defenses to stop an enemy attack. It recognizes those soldiers who will spend countless hours in the thankless job of defending positions, whether they are Forward Bases (FBs), Capture Points (CPs) or most importantly, AB (Army Base) bunkers!

Bulldog Ribbon Bronze(1st Award)


Bulldog Ribbon Silver (2nd Award)


Bulldog Ribbon Gold (3rd Award)


The next award recognizes those infantrymen in the assault on enemy positions, be it a forward base, army base, etc. These soldiers have demonstrated skill at penetrating enemy defenses, and can be counted upon to capture an enemy bunker when called upon!

Infantry Assault Ribbon Bronze (1st Award)


Infantry Assault Ribbon Silver (2nd Award)


Infantry Assault Ribbon Gold (3rd Award)


The next award recognizes Armor! Those fearless tankers who have demonstrated their proficiency in destroying enemy armor and suppressing enemy postions!

Armor Ribbon Bronze (1st Award)


Armor Ribbon Silver (2nd Award)


Armor Ribbon Gold (3rd Award)


The next Award recognizes those skilled with AntiTank Guns (ATGs). 

ATG Ribbon Bronze (1st Award)


ATG Ribbon Silver (2nd Award)


ATG Ribbon Gold (3rd Award)


The next award recognizes those soldiers who have demonstrated skill with an AntiAircraft Gun (AAA)

AAA (FLAK) Award Bronze (1st Award)


AAA(FLAK) Award Silver (2nd Award)


AAA(FLAK) Award Gold (3rd Award)






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