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New rig problem

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Got a new rig, 2080ti, I7, 4k monitor. One problem I am having here is the chat text is a bit blurry in 4k resolution. Also the aircraft gauges. Can't find any settings for this. Happens on best performance or quality settings. 

Thanks for any suggestions!

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what resolution are you running?
Chat font you can make larger from in game, under preferences, which may help

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From C:\Users\Your Name\Documents\Battleground Europe
edit wwiiol.xml


<value name="app.fontsize" type="long" value="14"/>

try setting the number to something between 14 and 16
be advised though, it affects fontsize in the whole UI not just chat


Higher than 16 might run the text in like ammo counters too big where you might not see it
but no harm in trying.

The UI settings ingame only allows for i think like 12 max

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