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Nojoystick Keymaps


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1.29 will include "no joystick" keymaps as an option to all players, without the need for any editing of CFML files or other file management (though that is still available). We need to test these for general feel and acceptable functionality.

(Update: removed link to old testing cfmls)

In addition to good functionality, the goal for these keymaps is to change as little as possible between joystick and no joystick setups so that we have some good standards. There are, of course, a few minor exceptions.

These are optimized for US English QWERTY keyboards.

One key feature that comes with these no-joystick keymappers is the Presets function. In the 1.29 keymapper, you will see a drop down menu in the lower right that allows you to change to a different keymap preset for a class of vehicles. For now, the only presets are joystick and no-joystick, but we can expand that now to include other keymaps.

And the full range of customization available in the .CFML files is still available. I will be documenting those features further in the wiki soon.

A brief overview of changes:

All Vehicles:

-- Free Look = N.

-- Deploy Vehicle or Mobile Spawn = Z (aircraft left brake still Z, and infantry weapon deployment is still B.

-- Primary Fire: Mouse Button 1 (removed from keyboard "F")*

-- Secondary Fire: Mouse Button 2 (removed from keyboard "B")*

-- Determine Range = G

All Ground Vehicles

-- Toggle Tow Bar = T

All Aircraft

-- Flaps Down = Insert

-- Flaps Up = Delete

-- Toggle Bomb Bay Doors = B

-- Auto Pilot = Left Shift + A

Mouse Movement:

-- No Joystick = WASD movement for vehicle turrets

-- Left Shift + W,A,S,D increases turret movement rate to maximum.

* A note on turrets: the mouse will still move your turret slightly. If you want to move your turret a lot, say more than 45-60 degrees, use the movement keys. But the mouse will let you move the turret around very easily for fine tuning your aim.

No Joystick

-- Aircraft Yaw: Left Arrow, Down Arrow to Center, Right Arrow

-- Aircraft Throttle: Mousewheel up and down AND F (Increase) and V (decrease)

Rough keyboard layouts

Granik is going to see if he can put some graphic love on these before I put them on the wiki. They are not yet ideally formatted for printing and such but you can use them to familiarize yourself with the non-joystick keymaps.

http://bloo.playnet.com/images/keyboard_inf.png (default)

http://bloo.playnet.com/images/keyboard_tank.png (no joystick)

http://bloo.playnet.com/images/keyboard_gun.png (no joystick)

http://bloo.playnet.com/images/keyboard_air.png (no joystick)

http://bloo.playnet.com/images/keyboard_sea.png (no joystick)

(-- note: the sea keymap has torpedo run depth, and airburst settings still mapped to numpad + and - in the first open beta build, which is the same as map zoom in/out now. I caught this too late for this build.)

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