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Game loading on MAC


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Offline mode, I could not log in which is being addressed in another thread.

I believe there is an issue between calibrating your joystick and game loading.

When I configure my JS, the game loads with "?" marks on both sides of the load in bar where it tells you what is loading like "?infantry models?" etc...

After game loads any button you can push the wording is different. Like ?modelrank5.de?

something like that...

I would love to use a screen shot, or ingame screen shot function but NO keys on the key board work, or JS, only double click on the mouse... you can select an item to spawn and spawn it, but nothing is functioning.

Now if I then exit and spawn in offline with out re-calibrating my joystick. It loads correctly and I can use the equipment..

I tried exiting, re-calib JS and restarting - had the issue.

exited and restarted with no calibrating JS - no problem.

I tried this several times with the almost the same results, I did get the (?) marks 2x after no calibration on start up in a row. So thats why I am not exactly sure this is absolutely the conflict.

Still I was unable to actually log into the beta server... I hit play online, and play training server.... no dice, I did not spend more than 5 minutes trying to deal with that issue though. I'm not convinced I know exactly how to get onto the beta server.

I have a 2x2.66 dual core G5 tower

4 Gigs 667 Mhz DDR2 Ram

Nvida GF 7300 GT

I did not have any other USB connections except JS, Keyboard and a external drive.

My JS is a Saitek Evo twist stick.


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