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Re my ai hits scoreing post


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I'm afraid I was not clear..and my screenie was missleading to me and perhaps the devs.

I know I was getting "hit" text from angriff after I had shot him down and he crashed near me. AI mgs were fireing on his hulk and hitting me and the hit text was rolling.

Also, Mwhitman had spawned a TT at antwerp naval for me to bomb (again checking the new flame effect)

He was across the harbor against the west shore.

Another TT (can't recall the name) was mid way from MW and spawnpoint. I was straffing MW, at a 90* line from the other TT. Other TT was east and I was running low north/south straffes. The other TT asked how he was getting hit messages from me (he was between me and the AI) I asked if he saw me with a firebug and he replied no as did MW.

Will check again for .19 when server is up and folks are on.

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AI hits cannot be registered as player hits. It isn't possible. AI hits are all locally generated, and player hits are passed on from the host. One cannot masquerade as the other. I think you're allowing yourself to be misled because the "alt cell" message is something unrelated, that is tracking which cell host the player shooting at you was spawning through, it isn't tracking hit mesages at all.

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