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studders, or hic ups,, maybe ?


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I have never had stutters or hic ups when flying,, but i got 3 in a row very quickly yesterday,,


Flying low over town with major battle going on,, and ea all over the place.. the instant the tags of the folks on ground rendered I got a stutter, as i passed further over the town it happen again just edge of town as more folks on ground rendered..

I then turned off the icons made another pass over town ,, no stutters or hic ups// I then rtb checked my vis limit its at far and highest setting.. as it always has been..

possible reason:

I noticed the icon tags for the folks in game is quite larger ? takes more to render all that very quickly,, when they were smaller i had no real problems with stutters ect.. I use a nivida 8800gtx on a very fast machine, and cable broadband connection that is very fast,, I know i have a non typical set up thats why I felt my stutter problems has to do with rendering the name tags..could this be correct.. as i noted with icons turned off i got no stutters.. is there a connection in my case perhaps..


give players a choice of icon sizes like the chat sizes sm med large perhaps,, with squad id or no squad id.. maybe it will help.. most of my friends that fly regualr note that over the towns is where there stutters occur more than other places.. and of course there vid cards all differ also which may be reason some get more stutters than others.. thanks for all your time,, just a suggestion i have noticed while i play... tks;)

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