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right mouse button dropping me to desktop


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Sometimes in game the right mouse button will start to drop me out to the desktop, and there appears to be no workaround to preventing it. When it does kick me out I close Windows task manager, and this sometimes buys me a few aims, but that's about it.

I've tried several mice at this point, same behavior (my default is Logitech G5). I also have CH USB joystick and throttle, unplugged them, same thing. Swapped out Logitech G15 keyboard, still didn't resolve it.

I stopped playing the game a year or so, and have been in game for about a month. When I left everything was working great, same hardware. Previously I did have to swap out my mouse while game was loading, switching back to G5 after in game, which worked around my HID issue. But since last patch of 1.28 and now 1.29 (where HID problems are resolved) this bug is a killer, literally.

Needless to say, aiming's kind of critical.

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Indeed it is.

Do you have custom keymaps of some sort? Try renaming the DATA directory in your install directory if so.

Let me know, I'll keep poking on this one. Suffice to say, I haven;t seen any reports on this.

Is there another program running that might have a keymap for this? Do you keep task manager up for a reason?

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