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Scrolling through weapons & full mag


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Cursor gets stuck on screen.

Manage to lose cursor.

Cant scroll through weapons (or lower rifle)... can move around ok however.

When magazine is full, the aim function fires off the first round, doesnt happen with any other rounds.

*This was as ArFr, and happened twice. Never happened before.


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Go to your install directory and rename the DATA folder and see if the issue persists.

Will do tomorrow evening when I'm back home. Will update this thread if and when any changes occur.

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Finally managed to log in after some hectic work time... changed the name of the folder... still the same after changing the name of the folder.

Am on occasions able to reload, however this changes intermittantly during the offending sorties. I have no explanation as to when or why this occurs.

I lose all capability to scroll through weapons... when I click on reload, aim or map the magazine fires the first round off. Doesnt happen to rounds 1-4 (on the ArFr rifle).

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Hmm. This really sounds like some conflict in a custom .cfml file.

The only thing I can think of is deleting all the cfml files from your My Documents and your BE install directories. Might want to contact bloo with this one at support. b l oo @ pl a y ne t d ot c om.

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(I think) I've found the problem:

When selecting the map, there occasionnaly pops up a box at the bottom right with "default" and something like "infantry$blahblah$". When the "infantry" box is selected, that is when the problems occur.

I've also tried keymapping the infantry commands to see if it made a difference (selecting the same keys as default). This unfortunately didn't make a difference.

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If this is still happening I need to have a method to reproduce, something like:

- do this

- press this

- see this

- then this

- bug

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