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1.29 known Issue: Mac Chat F Keys Cause Boxes In Chat


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If I hit both F2 & F4 to send a message out on "Target" and "Squad", *my* chat window displays the previous line of chat again, including the name of the person (or system or whatever) who sent the last message. It just looks like the exact same line except it has the icons for F2 & F4.

I had other people check, and my actual message appears on *their* computer, but *mine* shows the previous line.

I had a squadmate on a PC try to replicate and it didn't do it for him.

Quad Core Intel

OS 10.5

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Yes, I see it too.

While I see, like you, repeated text of the other player, the others see empty boxes with what I typed after.

It happens when you use the F key to open a chat, then push same again to close it, and then that or another to open it again. Multiple F key pushes.

This is what other see:


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I replicated this in the beta toinight.

I changed F4 to "Target", since I'm not in a squad in the beta.

When I used both F2 and F4, it simply repeated the previous line, just like ion the game. But I don't know what others would have seen, I was in Virton, and GOPHUR was spawned into a barracks, but AFK, and no one else was around.

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Either same F key more then once, or more then 1 F key.

If you see boxes in the chat window, chat gets messed up.

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