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1.29 VPU Recovery Crash


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I've only logged in twice since installing 1.29

First time I hadn't even gone into the world yet. Game loaded, entered as French Army, started typing a message in hc to say hi and half way through the game froze, I could still move the mouse for around 3-4 seconds but clicking did nothing. Then the screen flickered, went blank and the computer shutdown.

Second time I was playing as an AA gun on north side of Bouloigne then as a panny. Was racing down the hill in my panny when the same thing happens, image freezes, I madly hit Ctrl-Alt-Del, Alt-F4, Alt-Tab, Ctrl-Esc, anything that might stop it shutting down again. Luckily this time VPU recover kicked in and I was only booted to desktop.

My system spec:

Windows XP SP3

Intel C2D E6300 @ 3.15Ghz

Geil 4GB (3.25 or so because of 32bit OS) @ 900mhz

ATi Radeon 2900XT 512mb DDR3

Asus P5Q P45 motherboard.

System is Orthos DC and burntest stable and has been running BE and a lot of other games completely stable for the past 6+ months without change. Never seen this issue before in BE. I hardly think it's a coincidence that the only two times it's happened have been after 1.29 the only two times I played it ;)

If you need any more details just ask.

EDIT: Forgot to finish the title. Could a mod please change it to:

"1.29 VPU Recovery Crash"

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If you get a VPU recovery then it suggests something wrong with your graphics. Have you recently updated the graphics drivers as well? It's more likely linked to that if you get VPU recovery.

If you have overclocked the GPU, try to reset that to defauly and see if it helps.

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Thread title changed as requested.

Like Munchkin and Eigenman, I think this sounds more like a hardware problem than a game bug.

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I did update to 8.11 recently. It definitely isn't overheating, never goes over 50C with the cooler I have on it.

I'll try running on default but I've been running these settings on the graphics card for well over a year.

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