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German ATR "Jam"


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Hey all!

So I was playing today, I will provide location time and everything because I know it helps you to recreate the incident:

About 6:00 - 6:20 PM, Illinois (not sure what timezone that is), I was a German anti-tank rifleman in Turnhout, near the western depot. British forces had just captured it.

So here's what happened. I did not notice any problems with the ATR at first while running to the west depot. On my way there, I ended up behind a British Grenadier. He did not notice me, so I though heh, easy kill! So I laid down and DEPLOYED (YES I did deploy the ATR) the ATR and took careful aim at the British Grenadier. I clicked my mouse, and to my dismay, nothing happened! I clicked a few more times, still nothing. I undeployed then REDEPLOYED the anti-tank rifle, clicked, but nothing happened still! I hit R and manually reloaded a round into the chamber, clicked, but still nothing! He turns around and aims at me, but I managed to move and he just injures me. I then took out my pistol, aimed, fired, and killed him after closing the distance between us. After I killed him, I tested the ATR by deploying again, and it fired.

ANOTHER thing that happened with this ATR during that same mission. I fired at a British infantryman that was standing still, and I am about 99% sure that it should have hit him, but I will never know for sure, and he did not die. In the AAR, I did not even register a hit on that infantryman, only a kill on the grenadier I killed with my PISTOL. Also, I fired about 5 or 6 rounds at a British 25mm AA gun, all of which I am 99% sure should have been hits, but they did not register as hits in the AAR. The only thing that the AAR mentioned was the hit and kill on the 1 british grenadier with the PISTOL, nothing with the ATR.

Of course I felt the need to inquire about this very strange occurence on the side channel (HORRIBLE IDEA), and you can guess what happened. I was IMMIDIATELY called a whiner/noob/no skillz and even told to go play allies. But that's not the point.

I think that I remember the allied ATR being normal, like I registered hits and stuff with it.

I think a few days ago I did actually manage an ei kill while using the German atr, so this is kinda wierd. Also, I think a hit was recorded on a plane.

So has anyone else had this problem, or does anyone have any idea what the hell happened?

This is NOT a rant, just reporting a bug. I made a report with the .report command in game as well.

Oh and I don't think it is a connection thing, as my chat and stuff was functioning, and the pistol got the kill, so it must have been fine.

Now I know how the guys in Vietnam must have felt when their M16s jammed

Thanks, and any help is appreciated!

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