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No engine sound bug clue?


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I just noticed today when I installed Growler Guncam (have not used it for a while) to record video from ingame that for some reason engine sound in game does not get recorded. When I record a video (and audio) I get sounds like gunfire, bombs dropping, bomb-door opening or closing but the engine sound in the aircraft is not recorded.

There has long been a bug in BE where some players do not hear their own engine sound and this can give for instance pilots a advantage over other players as they can locate enemy aircrafts by audio. I had this bug for a short while 1-2 years ago but I can't really reproduce it. And this system is not the same system as I had back then.

Maybe the cause of of this is already know to the rats... but if not: Could this be a clue?

I have a SB X-Fi soundcard.

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