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1.29.1: Overenthusiastic journalists


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21st December: I have a halfway-decent ground mission, getting 8 kills and an KIA. Check my email today and there are 22 emails from the Gazette regarding upcoming player features relating to the mission (the CSR log for the sortie is at http://csr.wwiionline.com/scripts/services/persona/sortie.jsp?sid=1020815&pid=180909&page=2).

Curiously, each email is slightly different - in one it's british units, in another french. In one I'm armour, in another it's a harrowing combat air patrol.

Minor I know, but erm....

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Been getting things like this for years.

Oftern if I have a great mission, I'll get anywhere between 2 & 10 Gazette emails. All the same mission, just different descriptions.

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