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1.29.3 Worst Out of memory i've seen all time!


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Before it was "Out of memory" because of memory leak and only if memory use rise up to ~2GB... It was possible to play minimum 1.5-2 hours or more and it was not always, sometime i played all day without "Out of memory"... After 1.29.3 release i got first "Out of memory" after ~1 hour of play, next after ~10min and after it continued, i tried to relog few times and have "Out of memory" each time after 10-15min of play :mad: And memory use was normal all time, maximum 1.1-1.2GB... I can't play now:confused:

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Forgot to say, i solved this problem by deleting updated client and installing full client. Maybe this will help someone.

Probably reason of issue: after update there was no DX update, but after full install it was. It's only difference that i found between two methods of installation (i've checked file system both times).

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