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Silent rifles


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On two occasions now I've been killed by silent rifles. Their silence had no bearing on the outcome of the skirmish as the ei had got in behind me and I had no chance, but it's still a bit disturbing.

Both times, I was spawned in as an atg, 17lber and M5 respectfully and rifles being that of a sniper and a grenadier. Both times, the ei was close enough that I could hear their footsteps and but their rifle fire was silent apart from the plinking of the bullet striking the gun shield. Both times, we were far from town, 1 to 2 km, not much other noise going on and I have no other noticeable audio problems.

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I'll send this report to Martini. There may be an issue with prioritizing sounds. It is supposed to send shots to the top of the list, especially if they hit you.

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