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Bug: Autoleaderoff needs to be reset for entire playerbase


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I've found after the patch that was supposed to fix the mission leader retaining lead after leaving the mission that was filled with people with .autoleader off set that for it to work, everyone needs to toggle autoleader off/on atleast once for it to work properly if you have always had it set to takelead after the ML leaves.(terrible explanation but read it twice and you'll understand)

I don't know if you can toggle everyone once to make sure it works as intended, but i know for sure it works if I manually toggle it once after the patch.

As it stands now, when I leave a mission that has people on it that actually never set .autoleaderoff they don't get mission lead until I post another mission or after some set point of time. So if I leave a mission and go AFK i'm still getting marks to approve even though i'm not there.(not cool)

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Bump i'm still having to to .makeleader more often than not. The 10 character crazy names are really making this un-fun trying to decipher/type their names aswell.

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