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gun damage/kill model still needs work


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Although that one bug where a gunner could continue firing after he got killed if holding down the fire button has been fixed, there's still some tweaking that needs to be fixed.

The kill model is that when either crew of an ATG or AAA gets killed, a kill credit is awarded. However, if say, the gunner, since it's easy to figure out if he dies or not by his ability to fire, is wounded but not killed then NO kill credit is to be awarded. Period.

It's not working that way at the moment. Example: My mle38 gunner got wounded but not killed because I was still firing away & was NOT bleeding out. Then I see that I DID get screwed w/ a critical damage death. Explanations? Fix this, dammmit.

Although I must say the bugs have been reduced & game is running well since last couple patches. Still a few out there, like this one above, but still, nice job overall.

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I'll ask Doc to look at the criticals on this. Could be that the commander is still being regarded as a crit component.

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