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World War II Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter based in Western Europe between 1939 and 1943. Through land, sea, and air combat using a ultra-realistic game engine, combined with a strategic layer, in the largest game world ever created - We offer the best WWII simulation experience around. Rad Me Testing


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World War Two Online - Closed Beta


Version (05-07-2009)


- Recompiled PlayGATE to see if we can fix some AMD players getting an error trying to launch


- Paratroopers wing badge moved so it does not display under the personal decal


- Range finders now report in yards and meters

Terrain (09-05-05ax):

- Fixed an AB/Spawn issue in Feschaux

- Replaced Waremme-St.Truiden FB

- Fixed an elevation issue in Waremme

- Fixed another FB but I forgot which one !

- Fixed an elevation issue at Champlon

- Fixed a bug at Champlon AB


- Fixed the ?settings? bug (maybe .22)

- More improvements to sound code

- Improved network code


- EWS should now work on all facilities except Fire Bases

- Contact reports no longer draw handles (C1 etc.)


- Players joined to a vehicle will no longer see mangled names in the info display "`"

- Fixed the "cancel despawn mouse cursor" bug...again


- Added several strategic commands to the High Command page


- Alt-F4 will work only in Beta clients

- Updated some registry keys to get rid of the multiple backslashes that might be causing some install or execution errors

- Fixed the crash on despawn (64th) bug


- Added updated PlayGATE localizations

- Fixed Italian error with keymapper initialization


- ui.dtd > connect messages are now active

- minute balance should now show at despawn in all cases of hourly play


- Added Gold Builder Tim "Beerrun" Donovan to the Builder's Bridge (w00t!)

==For release read me==

New aircraft for v1.30:

- The Bf109F-1 is added to appear in tier 1 as the high ranked German fighter, replacing the Bf109E-4 which has had to be carried over from tier 0 up until now. It is faster than the Bf109E-4, climbs better and has a single nose mounted 20mm cannon in place of the two wing mounted cannons of the E-4 variant.

- The Spitfire IIb replaces the Spitfire Ib in tier 1 as the high ranked British fighter. It is faster, and climbs better than the Spitfire Ib but is otherwise very similar.

- The Bf110F-B replaces the Bf110C-4/B as the tier 2 German fighter bomber. It is faster and climbs better than the old Bf110C-4/B, and has an improved gun package. This brings it more into competitive alignment with the British Hurricane IIC and French Bell Mle.14a, while they both outclass the Bf110F-B as a turn fighter the German plane has a better bomb load and probably the best ammunition load out with 400 rounds of the higher velocity MG151 20mm.

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