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.21] PC & Mac "Network Error: Connection failed"


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Both my Mac and PC cannot get online.

PC gives message "Network Error: Connection failed"

Mac just quits (and that should be a bug, since you do not know if network error or game crash).

I suspect Server side issue.

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I am having the same problem: version x.21 unable to connect .

Config: 2x2G5,10.5.6

console log messages generated by failure:

5/9/09 11:25:00 AM [0x0-0x30030].com.playnet.ww2ol-beta[341] WW2OL Started 5/9/09 11:25:07 AM [0x0-0x30030].com.playnet.ww2ol-beta[341] NETWORK ERROR: Connection failed 5/9/09 11:25:08 AM [0x0-0x30030].com.playnet.ww2ol-beta[341] Exited Program: file: /playnet/builds/ww2src/baseline/src/rn/rnmain.cpp, line: 374, App Version: 1, 30, 0, 21 5/9/09 11:25:08 AM [0x0-0x30030].com.playnet.ww2ol-beta[341] Message string: Connection failed 
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MdHarper also found a Vista bug related to this issue:

But this error also has a bug on Vista64.

For me, the Network error "Connection Failed" window pops up behind the frozen splash screen. You cannot alt+tab to it or anything. Can't alt+F4. You have to ctrl+alt+delete and start task manager. Then you can navigate to the error window and click OK closing the game.

Edit: I tested in WinXP and the error window came to the top as it should. I don't have Vista32 installed at the moment to test that OS.

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Same here

Thu Jan 01 01:42:14 1970 network election of 2 addresses: Winner:

Exited Program: file: ..\..\src\rn\rnmain.cpp, line: 374, App Version: 1, 30, 0, 21

Message string: Connection failed

Date and time: 5/9/2009 14:34:21

File version: 1, 30, 0, 21

Date and time: 5/9/2009 14:34:21

WWIIOL aborted via improper means

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