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Wrong description of 110's or Doc wrong?


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The process of updating the aircraft manuals and text files is all finished now, but as it isn't instantaneous (and there are several of them) you saw some different entries during the beta phase. If there are any issues after release (that got missed) report it back to us. Thanks.

PS: the Bf110C-4/B entry was a cut n pasted copy of the Bf110C-4 data (ie: incorrect numbers for the /B version) and the early Bf110F-B data card was also incorrect as it drew from early flight testing rather than the final version.

All Battleground Europe WiKi entries are now matched to the in game UI data card entries, most of the errors resulted from there being more than one version in different parts of the game (not to mention some incorrect translations) and I just got done matching them up between the UI data and the WiKi entires.

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