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Head shake bug .26


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1. Spawn German grenadier.

2. Attach cup and load grenade.

3. Press the deploy button. The "No" head shake starts.

4. Press the key for Knife while the head shake is still "playing". The head shaking continues until you fire the grenade.

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Tried this in offline just now with brit grenadier.

1. Attached cup

2. Loaded grenade

3. Pressed the key for knife

4. Shaking started and wouldnt stop until I fired the grenade

5. When trying to reload after this, grenadier would reload rifle clips, not the grenade as would be expected with the cup still deployed. This continued until I undeployed and then again deployed the cup, then I was able to reload the grenade.

Able to replicate at will.

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FIXED v1.30.1.255 You still cannot choose the knife if the grenade is loaded first but as soon as it is fired then you can. Reloading works as intended.

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