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Smart Heap errors - problem solved for me


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Problem: 1.30 gives me smart heap errors. Memory usage is quite big but should net exceed my system limits. Usually when spawning in it either crashes to smart heap or then lets play for a min or two and then crashes.

System: Mac Pro 3.2 quadcore x2, 4 GB 800 DDR2 FB-DIMM ECC RAM, GeForce 8800 something card, should be ok. Bootcamped to Vista 64 Ultimate.

Solution: tried all sorts of updates and stuff, gfx settings, SSE, netcode and so forth with no results. Cleaning up all un-needed backgroundprocesses might have made it a little more stable but not really enough to be able to play.

What now looks like a cure, is dropping resolution. I was running the game on max resolution because I could (2560 x something) and dropped it now down to 1900 x something. Was able to play > 1 h without problems (vs. previous 30-60 secs).

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I'll make sure and share that with the team. I play at 3840 x 1024 but haven;t seen any smart heap errors yet.

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