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World War II Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter based in Western Europe between 1939 and 1943. Through land, sea, and air combat using a ultra-realistic game engine, combined with a strategic layer, in the largest game world ever created - We offer the best WWII simulation experience around.

1.31 Open Test Downloads and Primer


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1.31 Open Test


The latest version of Battleground Europe is now ready for pre-release testing. We appreciate your assistance in helping to review this initial Offline Test. This test is essentially an alpha build of the client for offline only testing. Please be sure to check the Read ME and Known Issues threads before posting any bug reporting.

The purpose of this test is to expose the client to a large number of players so that we can get some feedback on performance and features as well as find and fix any critical bugs before release. We're also hoping to do quite a bit more polishing and tuning and we'll need your help to do that.

Also note that during Open Testing the Game Testing and Bug Reporting forum should only be used for reporting issues relevant to the current open test. Other issues may be posted but will not be responded to during open testing. Our focus is solely on gaining feedback on the Open Test so that we can continue working towards releasing 1.31 to live.

Thank you again for participating in our test.

Testing and Reporting:

Please use the following guide lines for participating in this test.

  • Install - Downloads will be made available from this thread at the bottom. Players are responsible for keeping the test version up to date. No support is offered from Playnet for any part of this beta including downloads.
  • Read Me - Below this post you will find the latest read me file and any previous read me files. Please use these resources in your testing. Report bugs that are based on the read me.
  • Focus Test - Each day before testing please review the forum for any sticky posts that indicate we are performing a focus test. The majority of our efforts will be in the focus test and your participation is greatly appreciated.
  • Reporting Issues - During a test our primary concern is with bugs in features as listed in the read me files. Bugs should not be posted from the live server during an open test. All bugs should be confirmed on the test client prior to posting. Bugs that are not related to features in the read me are low priority during offline test as we are no longer committing resources to additional features and fixes outside of preparing the test client and host for release.
    When posting a bug it is usually helpful if you can include a step by step list describing how the bug can be replicated.
    For bugs in performance or graphics, please include your CPU, RAM, Video Card and operating System.
  • Schedule – The schedule will be posted each week. Testing will begin with specified open test and focus test hours each weekday. As we progress towards release we will have the server open at all times.
  • DxDiag - Do not post a full DxDiag unless asked to by a dev.
    If you'd like to post your DxDiag, please post only your System Information, Display Devices and Sound Devices sections.
  • This is beta software - Please be aware that this software is beta and may include bugs and other issues that could be harmful to your machine. By installing this software, you assume all risks involved with testing. If you are uncomfortable with testing, please do not participate or download any software.
  • Please post all CTD in the CTD sticky thread - CTD logs can be found in the Battleground Europe TEST directory under My Documents. The log most useful is the WW2_log.txt. Please post this log with any information about the circumstances of the crash in the forum titled for the current version. you may also see a log titled errorinfo.dmp. This log is automatically sent to CRS upon your next login and used to help track any crashes in the program. No personal information is included in this log. Mac users should send console logs to gophur@playnet.com.
  • If you have a problem - Please reinstall from the full installer and re-patch with new downloads before posting.


Downloads may not be available. Please try back if you receive an error.

PC Full Installer v1.31.0.46:


Mac Full Installer v1.31.0.46:


Any patches will auto update through PlayGATE.

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