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First off i would like to say yes you did fix the ?PPOS>BADTARGETRANGE.TOOFAR? it now just says "You are too far from your mission target for this object type"

But you still have the bug where you can not place an FRU on a contested town when you have mission target to just the town and not a specific depot.

I tried this today from wuust to kalm.. made mission to wuust.. went in placed FRU then caped wuust / kalm depot... ran back out... couldnt set a new fru but lt least the message has changed.

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nm just read Gophurs post on mattwhits thread the contested thing wasnt in this patch so its not suppost to be fixed yet i guess. oh well i tried to test something just thought it was fixed by the notes.

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Test 1:

  • mission origin - shilde-ant fb axis
  • mission target - antewrp allied (area attack)
  • spawn rifleman at fb
  • walk into town
  • place FRU in town
  • capture ant - schilde depot
  • antwerp contested
  • wait for FRU cooldown timer
  • walk 5m from original FRU
  • when timer up FRU ghost turns green
  • place new FRU

I can't replicate this. If I'm doing something wrong please clarify repeatable steps.

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