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Awards for the Battle of Brussels


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Attention Allies!

In recognition of gallant and distinguished service, the Allied High Command hereby presents the following:


Croix de Lorraine

(Cross of Lorraine)





Awarded by the Commander of the Armee Francaise to Allied personnel for exemplary actions above and beyond the call of duty in the cause of the liberation of France. Vive la France!


for their actions on 19 April, 1942. as set forth in the following citations:

Gretnine...managed not only the stalwart defense of Brussels Army Bases during the beginning of the battle, but maintained a continued presence on the battlefield till the final victory. Gretnine proved a morale boosting presence and continued to lead the charge in the capturing and defending of key depots and was a key factor in keeping up the spirit of the defense force. In addition I may the same of this players actions on the battlefield of Vervins on Thursday, 19th of April.
Copeman, weejocky and chzacc)...on their own accord managed to recapture the Brussels Airfield Army Base only minutes before the EAB fell keeping the flags in Brussels and allowing for the continued defense. In addition to their gallantry in capturing, their steadfast defense and leadership to hold the AB to allow recapture of the city must be noted.

The actions of these service members were in keeping with the highest standards of the military, and reflect credit not only on themselves, but on their countries and the Allied Forces.

Allies Salute!

General Gassault

Commander of the Armee Francaise

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