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World War II Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter based in Western Europe between 1939 and 1943. Through land, sea, and air combat using a ultra-realistic game engine, combined with a strategic layer, in the largest game world ever created - We offer the best WWII simulation experience around.

Jun 14-15-16-17 Axis breakout in campaign 153 Awards


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!S Gentlemen

First the disclaimer: many days and many battles and many efforts from many soldiers and many have passed forgotten. If you have any soldier name that you think should be rewarded, please PM me and I Will add his name gently.

For their efforts, dedication, sacrifice, bravery, passion, and maybe a divorce, these soldiers:

Xanthus, Kilemall, r3dstorm, saffroli, undercova, tieto, mutan250, raydr, lampie, cplkrash, mudd, xukrut, arescaries, runko, bt7250h, (and Officers) Shagher, Hierbart, marinesgt, sajuk, beerrun1, chyrenz, cyyoung, t0msawyer

are rewarded with Iron Cross 3rd Class

88ic3rdcl_medal.gif  88ic3rdcl_ribbon.gif


These soldiers:

delems, dandare9, (and Officers) Klaus, nerco250, krater

are rewarded with the Iron Cross 2nd Class

86ic2ndcl_medal.gif 86ic2ndcl_ribbon.gif


These officers:

Ronpaul, Eyeshank

are rewarded with Iron Cross 1st class

87ic1stcl_medal.gif  87ic1stcl_ribbon.gif


These officers:


are rewarded with the German Cross 3rd Class

100gc3rdcl_medal.gif 100gc3rdcl_ribbon.gif

These Officers:


Are rewarded with the German Cross 2nd Class

101gc2ndcl_medal.gif  101gc2ndcl_ribbon.gif


These leaders

Krazydog, slpkfor250

are rewarded with Golden Eagle on Silver

241newcross_medal.gif 241newcross_ribbon.gif

And these squads:

91st Sturmbattalion (91st), 250 Hispana (250h), Heavy Tank battalion 505 (505th), Feldjager (feldjgr)

are rewarded with the Order of Petro

215petroorder_medal.gif 215petroorder_ribbon.gif


Special mention for Ronpaul and eyeshank for their inital push, and hierbart, shagher and marinesgt for their dedication on the critical moments with multiple cutpoints chances and the final pushes towards maldegem-laon cuts of all of them.

They are also rewarded with the Order of V-Rab

247vraborder_medal.gif 247vraborder_ribbon.gif

Congrats Gentlemen!!!

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S!  Well Done Axis.  Well fought battles on both sides.  Good to see the fight was still there in desperate hours.  Very well done.

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GJ guys, all deserving of awards and game should be thanking you as well,, S! kudos


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