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World War II Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter based in Western Europe between 1939 and 1943. Through land, sea, and air combat using a ultra-realistic game engine, combined with a strategic layer, in the largest game world ever created - We offer the best WWII simulation experience around.

Awards for Panningnan Defense 7/12/2018


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Attention to orders... 

Let it be hereby known, that on this day, 7/12/2012, players BETHELS and ACEDENT are to be herby awarded the following for combat action and actions above and beyond the call of duty.

Army Gallantry




Defense Ribbon



Their citation reads...

While engaged in open combat in a defensive action in the key town of Pannignan on during the afternoon of 7/12/2018, players BETHELS, and ACEDENT did take it upon their own initiative to end the axis assault by destroying not one, both both enemy forward bases supplying the enemy assault. With their actions the enemy assault floundered, the city was liberated and the allies were again able to focus on the liberation of Europe. 


-Hateract, COS, Allied Forces


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speechless..... my first medal ever.    bethels was the engineer. didnt die .   desreves all the credit.

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