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Luftwaffe Fliegers recognized!


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On or about July 2,2018 when Antwerp was under imminent threat of attack, the following soldaten answered the call to destroy all the bridges in and around Antwerp, helping slow down the Allied advance.

While we subsequently lost control of Antwerp, their dedication to a job completed and well done, these fliegers deserve our thanks and recognition during the opening salvos of the battle for Antwerp and the Northern Lowlands.




Luftwaffe Bomber Badge (Bronze)

Awarded to:

Pudge131 - he can be consistently be found in the air as a mighty Stuka/bomber hindering Allied movement allowing our troops to punch a hole in the enemy lines!

Shilling -  when he is back on the lines after r&r, can be found in his HE111 providing close support all along the front raining down death!

Jackryan1 - Jack tirelessly, fearlessly and quietly flies his HE111 into danger to bomb Allied factories and hinder their war production, as well as provide CAS.




Luftwaffe Fighter Badge (Bronze)

This badge is awarded to fighter pilots who have performed
valiantly in the area of air superiority. 
Awardees are determined to rule the skies.


Charger186 - This one's for you!

Charger continuously takes to the skies and protects our bombers, especially that day over Antwerp, and continually proves a fierce force in the air!


!S Fliegers



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