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Remagen Awards 7/20/2018


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Attention to orders, 

In the first of what will be a solid list of citations, I would like to present the following awards for the actions in the battle of Remagen, in what became the final battle of a hard fought and long campaign. The number of individual and group efforts to achieve victory are too many to count and as I only have so many eyes, I must wait for reports to flow in. It is however without question, that the following citations are well earned, and it is my pleasure to award the following awards to these players. 


Tactical Achievement Award


In conjunction with

Liberation of Germany



His citation reads, 

On the night of 7/20/2018, Mazzoni85 through great effort and determination di place a close range FMS in the town of Remagen to support the assault on a critical and possible campaign winning battle. Not satisfied with just this action, Mazzoni85 then lead multiple assaults on a "warpable" CP in order to secure a vital bridgehead into town. It was through this bridge head that his peers were able to not only able to spearhead the attack on the enemy bunker, but were also able to branch out to other CPs and ensured the Allied forces not only victory in Remagen, but of the entire campaign. 



Allied Assault Medal



Their citation reads, 

On the night of 7/20/2018, 7th AST lead the assault and ensured the capture of the city of Remagen and thusly secured an Allied victory for campaign 153. Throughout the battle their soldiers continued to run FMS, armor, air and infantry to bring home the final victory. Their actions not only inspired their Allied Comrades, but enabled them physically as well to drive the Axis out of the town, and assure a well fought end to this campaign


S! Allies for a battle well fought, there will be more to come in the following days for this battle and campaign!


Air Force Gallantry




His citation reads, 

During the battle of Remagen, it was noted that air support would be essential for victory. Despite running map and pressing the allies forward, and the initial confusion and chaos. Rebel357 did coordinate and establish the Air presence necessary to ensure the successful outcome of allied operations.

-Hateract, COS, Allied Forces

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S!@hateract, I really appreciate this. It was a honor to fight alongside all the allies this campaigns. A special cheers to all the HC for their efforts!

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S! Congrats to all on your awards.  They very well deserved.  Thanks Hateract for doing the awards for the guys, it is a morale booster and is greatly appreciated.

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