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World War II Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter based in Western Europe between 1939 and 1943. Through land, sea, and air combat using a ultra-realistic game engine, combined with a strategic layer, in the largest game world ever created - We offer the best WWII simulation experience around.

Campaign 153 Awards!!!!!!


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Attention to Orders, 

Campaign 153 has ended with the liberation of Europe and a hard earned, well fought Allied Victory. Every player put in amazing effort to see us through to the final battles, and all of you should have full knowledge that each and everyone of contributed to our cause! With all the moments in we create in wwiionline, it is hard to distinguish a few out of everyone to recognize for their achievements on the battlefield. With help from their peers, fellow HC and our records for the campaign, It is my pleasure to put forward a list of those players and squads who throughout the entire war, did continue to go above and beyond in order to further our objectives, and ensure that their comrades got the best experiences there are. With out further hesitation, I present to you the Campaign awards for 153.


101st ABN

Allied Squad of the Campaign



Their citation reads, 

Campaign 153 was truly a battle for the ages. Not in many years has either side reached such heights, only to be driven back. At its height, there was a symphony of violence and movement, and at its lows a grueling stalemate of attritional warfare. During such wildly differing pitches, the Allied Forces could rely on one constant, the 101st would be there. Always at the forefront of Firebases or remaining strong and stalwart leading the critical defense of towns and cities. It is without question, that their actions lead the way in allowing Allied forces to have the flexibility that enabled incredible advances and outstanding defenses. These players are a true asset to their side, and I am proud to recognize their contribution to the cause. 



Allied Player of the Campaign



His citation reads, 

Throughout the campaign, so many individual acts of gallantry and selfless service it will forever be impossible to attempt to list them all. In addition to these actions, many Allied soldiers remained a constant inspiration and force multiplier for their peers. I must say this was one of the hardest choices to be made due to incredible play by all involved, in the end though, this player did standout. It can be said, if you wanted to find the frontline, find JACARANDA. Throughout the campaign this player not only was involved in just about every assault and defense their was, he constantly supported the actions. Always quick to bring forward or set FMS, make missions and enable quick actions for his comrades. He was always there to support and assist in anyway possible with hesitation or complaint, an excellent attitude and humility that inspired the rest of us to see through to final victory. 




Allied Officer of the Campaign



His citation reads, 

Allied High Command is a volunteer organization that exists to further gameplay and ensure the uniqueness of ww2ol by being a player driver and led environment. Their willingness to sacrifice time, effort and gameplay are already grounds for recognition. On these grounds, one officer stood out amongst the pack, and during the darkest hours of campaign 153, his leadership saw through the unprecedented defense of France and the factories, without which an Allied victory would've never been possible. It brings to highlight the incredible leadership and character of this officer that he would never accept an award on his on behalf. Thusly, it must be stated, that this medal is not only dedicated to CATFIVE, but to EVERY allied soldier under whose leadership, during our darkest hours, through determination and dedication, did hold the line. It very well maybe the single greatest defense and comeback to have been seen in many years, and laid the path for an incredible victory that shall be celebrated for a longtime to come.






Meritorious Unit Citation




Their citations read, 

Squads have always been, and continue to be the lifeblood of ww2ol, they remain unparalleled in their ability to effect the outcome of any campaign or engagement. These three squads, without a doubt through their teamwork and dedication played a pivotal roll in organizing and ensuring that the allies were able to see through to absolute victory. It is my hope that these units continue to inspire and lead our players in the future to ensure  the creation the greatest possible moments in game and to further the allied cause. 



Unit Air Award




Their citation reads, 

As allies we are truly blessed to have the best pilots in the game. Time and time again, we can state that we have seen through to victory because of the "angels on our shoulders". WW2OL is a combined arms game, and requires action from all fronts in order to achieve victory. Time and time again we as soldiers on the ground in our desperate moments called for help only to here the liberating comfort of engines rolling in CAS and anti air to ensure the skies remain blue, both in physicality and metaphorically. A special thanks and recognition to those brave pilots who continue to help the allied cause through the air!




Cross of Great Britain





Croix de Lorraine


(Cross of Lorraine)





Their citations read, 

Each of these soldiers were a key candidate for allied player of the campaign due to the unending dedication, discipline and teamwork, who through their individual actions did help ensure the final Allied victory. TARRIAN60 and KOOL were always at the forefront of any advance, always vigilant in ensuring FBS and attacks were coordinated and seeing through that the FMS and bodies were there to see through the battle. Through their independent spirit they took up the time and energy to see that Allies always had a leader on the ground and made sure our forces were organized and ready for the assault.

For MAXQ, all one has to do is see what town is under attack, if you go there, without fail there is always one man on the ground, that player being MAXQ. His determination and dedication  to the allied defense ensured the liberation of France, Belgium and eventually all of Europe. His sacrifice and time, providing a stalwart defense against any Axis provocation were key contributors in allowing the Allied forces to sustain their advance into Germany. I am proud to have him on the Allied side and hope he continues to carry his incredible spirit to whatever defense may come, as his comrades  are sure to follow. 


Finally, in a return to tradition and to recognize the efforts and contributions of all, the following is authorized for wear by all allied soldiers who partook in the incredible experience that was campaign 153. 


No automatic alt text available.


This is the first campaign ribbon awarded in a long time and something we hope to bring back. The key designer of the ribbon and credit should go to @dragozwho ensured the creation and awarding of this ribbon. In his words, the ribbon represents...

"This Campaign ribbon has been created to honour the hard work and dedication of all players who endured one the most difficult, trying and hard fought campaigns in BGE history.The black and blue symbolize the battering we took over the campaign, from the setbacks to the comebacks, to the valiant stand and deliver battles. Bruised, battered, we survived it and came out victorious.Victory through valour is symbolized by the bronze stars. Bravery, Honour and Dedication to the Allied side. Through it all, you all fought and stood with heart, symbolized by the Red Centre. I have never seen such heart before in this game. Despite the massive setback, we held to your hearts, and fought on! The white for the campaign numbers symbolizes purity of pursuit." 


S!to all allied soldiers for a campaign well fought and a win well deserved....



-Hateract, COS, Allied Forces






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