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S! allied RDP flight and escourts


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S! from doc1168 RAF commander S!

at 1351 8/5/1942

an allied RDP flight has struck once again at the axis factorys 

these brave pilots and their brave escourt pilots succed in making it to target and back home from target 

for their bravery and efforts i 'm here by awarding 

M1g , Panda1k,

Dontmove VStrider
Greer arnhaolt

RDP Bombing Ribbon



to the escourts that flew along side our bomber pilots in a effort to intercept axis fighters and succeding in doing so 

i here by issue 

Cptmericuh, VStrider,  woundeduck


Fighter Escort Ribbon




for his non stop efforts in leading RDP raids on the axis factories allowing allied ground forces to push our lines further into the axis heartland

i here by award 



Bomber Squadron Command Medal


very well done commader of FAF rebel357 

S! from doc1168 commander of RAF keep the execelent work up S! 


S! allied pilots fine job keep it up S!



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