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World War II Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter based in Western Europe between 1939 and 1943. Through land, sea, and air combat using a ultra-realistic game engine, combined with a strategic layer, in the largest game world ever created - We offer the best WWII simulation experience around.

Awards posting 8/7/2018


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Attention to Orders, 

In an effort to recognize players combined effort throughout the week, to further the Allied cause through resilience, discipline and teamwork. Todays citations recognize players for accumulative actions and efforts to further the allied cause. This last week saw the start of Campaign 155 and a myriad of back and forth battles across the map. For their achievements on the battlefield, the following players are herby awarded. 



Allied Officer of the Week




Allied Player of the Week




Allied Squad of the Week



In addition, the following medals are herby awarded for individual actions across the battlefields and skies of Europe. 



Distinguished Service Cross



In conjunction with, 


Defense Ribbon



His citation reads, 

On the night of 8/6/2018 Axis forces launched an attack on the French town of Damvillers. AT the same time Axis forces were hurling themselves upon our line in Diest and Allied soldiers attempting to breakthrough elsewhere. In a show of resilience against greater odds, XORVATH did take it upon himself to single handedly defend the town for a length of time above and beyond what could be expected of most players. In this defense, he killed the Axis invaders attempting an easy win. Once the Axis failed to in their attempt at Diest, they again attempted to fight in Damvillers, XORVATH continued his faithful defense and helped lead the way for his fellow defenders to hold the line. 




Army Gallantry



CPLORILEY's Citation reads, 

During the fighting in the town of Diest on the night of 8/6/2018, during the height of the fighting, and with the town mostly under Axis control.  CPLORILEY's actions in recapturing the vital link CP in addition to the enemy spawnable both gave friendly forces the ability to receive much needed reinforcements while denying the Axis their ability to effectively push on the fight. 

ZIRGO's Citation reads, 

During the fighting of 8/6/2018, with his comrades on full defense across Europe, ZIRGO took it upon himself to lead an assault on the Axis town of Etain. During this battle he led the way for his fellow allies to capture spawns on multiple occasions and draw vital Axis infantry away from their goals elsewhere, greatly aiding in the defense of those towns. 


In addition, in recognition of the ongoing Air Campaign against Axis forces, to secure our final victory the following pilots are hereby recognized for their efforts in the skies. 





RDP Bombing Ribbon









Fighter Escort Ribbon



It has been a solid start to campaign 155 Allies, keep up the solid work and lets keep moving East. As always, please step up to make sure your fellow players can be recognized for their actions, anyone can submit a citation. For those of you awarded today, my personal thanks, and a thank you from those of in AHC. 



-Hateract, COS, Allied Forces

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Just checked the webmap and the Axis factories are at an overall 93.3% damage.  HOLY SHEETS!  GREAT job, RDP guys...bomber AND escort pilots!  S!







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