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World War II Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter based in Western Europe between 1939 and 1943. Through land, sea, and air combat using a ultra-realistic game engine, combined with a strategic layer, in the largest game world ever created - We offer the best WWII simulation experience around.

step foward k1ngs


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S! from doc1168 raf commander S!

at 0100 on 8/24/1942 

k1ngs was making the assualt on the eab bunker non stop he managed to enter the bunker mutiple times and succeded in starting the capping of the final and last ab in maaseik 

he held off mutiple hostile infantry in the end he had entered the bunker a total of 4 times last time he succed in capping the last ab 

for his actions and his bravey 

i have the pleasure and honor of presenting you 



Combat Merit Recognition



S! k1ngs damn fine job keep it up i'm looking foward to figthing along side you once again S!


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