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Help "Doc" fight lymphoma

Cornered Rats

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Cornered Rats


We're breaking from standard front page news protocol, and report that today we have learned that one of our long-time friends and fellow RAT, Geof “Docdoom” Evans, has been diagnosed with Lymphoma (cancer). This news is difficult to bare and we want to do what ever is possible to help Doc in this trying time.

If you know Doc, you know he’s not the kind of guy who asks for help. CRS, both present and retired RATS, have all come together in recognition that we need to not only make sure people know about this, but are provided with an opportunity to help mitigate the burden now placed on our friend, and brother in arms, Doc.

Help him now by going to: https://www.gofundme.com/help-doc-fight-lymphoma 

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View the full article on battlegroundeurope.com

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G'day WWIIOL peeps and geeks. I just stopped by to let you know how utterly overwhelmed I am by this effort on my behalf. I'm pretty much lost for words which for me is pretty new territory. My thanks to all (how inadequate that sounds eh !) for throwing in behind this fight ahead of me, the strength I draw from this I can never explain. It already has made a huge difference in spirit.  I'm going to leave a link on the GoFundMe page when I drop to say thanks by because what's at the end of that link can help me a lot if it gets some attention.


Thank you all so very very much.

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I was scrolling through the comments of the Gofundme page cuz I'm a creeper like that and I just had to share this one. It had me laughing so hard I teared up a bit.

5 days ago Buy more RAM -megoblocks
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Doc, this thing that wants to grab us can be beaten.  First of the month Felicia and I will kick in more than wishes. We want you to join me in being a survivor. Colon cancer in 2002 so 16 years free and medicine is always making strides. Lived long enough to become age onset diabetes II, but having volunteered for the draft in '66, I'm fortunate to have them pick up tabs. Head and heart in the fight, smoke all the dope you can find, helps keeping the weight on.



























btw rats, getting ready to build a gaming machine and pick a HOTAS



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Thank you for that. We haven't made a lot of progress but we have eliminated some things. The big issue is they haven't found the primary even after all these bloody scans. Getting a PET soon maybe that will find it. I'm about to get a full neck dissection but how much they remove depends on what they find. The surgeon told me in all honesty a lot depends on what he can see with his own eyes once he cuts me open. Things are going slowly in some respects because of financial considerations so there is no way in all that eternity can provide, that I will ever be able to thank all of you great people enough for the help you have given me. Right now it's a toss up between lymphoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Not sure which is the better outcome. It could they say be something else if the primary is found. Level 3 malignant has been confirmed, hey that's better than level 4 or 5 right ? They have ruled out the throat and lungs as a result of testing and those are the two most common primaries in my case so again ... it could be worse. I won't go on too much until I know more, perhaps my next update can wait until after the surgery coming up. I am reminded of a line from a song I wrote that might help you understand I'm still in this fight.

"I crawl across the desert ...

Drag myself through cut glass

All because I don't know how to die."

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Well ... there are always surprises eh !? Turns out the cancer did start in my throat. The lymphatic tumour thing is because of the throat cancer, ie: a secondary metastization. I'm through all the preliminaries now, as a nurse at the clinic said to me yesterday ... "in your marriage to cancer you're just ending the honeymoon phase. Now it's time to move into the reality part of the relationship".

Just letting you know where I'm at, and another chance to say thanks for the support which is critical and heartfelt ... see you when I come out the other side of this terrible partnership with a full divorce. B)


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