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Advanced sniper tips

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So I'm pretty confident with my shooting but I just know I am not utilizing this class to it's full potential and getting killed playing sniper always stings a little extra because of the amount of units avaiable, could anyone help me out with some advanced tips that I could use so I'm not.. idk kinda just wasting the class?

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Find tatonka in game and check with him; think he is with section 2.

Another good one is optik - not sure he still around.

Sure there a couple others, paddyo? agave? eagle? maybe?


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Also any snipers who would want to take me under their wing id appreciate it :)

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• cover is your friend, have options for the next three or four moves to ensure you’re not exposed.

• fire only when you feel you’ve got a fair chance of dropping the right.

• move after firing, dog-legged best.

• stay out of buildings, including capture points.

• ideally remain at a distance of 300m from the enemy.

• you should be spending more time in comms / reconnaissance mode for your teammates (ie not engaging)

• ignore the inevitable critics from those who might not understand why you’re playing differently.

• that said, be prepared to drop your rifle and spawn another class when your team needs you.

Good luck 

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