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World War II Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter based in Western Europe between 1939 and 1943. Through land, sea, and air combat using a ultra-realistic game engine, combined with a strategic layer, in the largest game world ever created - We offer the best WWII simulation experience around.



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why do i keep dieing to ap rounds like 50m in front of me???? i have a video clip of a panzer shooting at my sherman from like so far out, and the rounds are not even close to me and i am dieing????

what is happening?????

invisible wall s of peronne ab near 3 gun emplacements facing rail road bridge

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Only the shooter sees the correct flight of a round. 3rd person view is only an approximation.


It's why you can't forward artillery spot as you don't see the round land where the shooter shot it.


Also weapons can only show one type of effect in 3rd person, so just because a tank shoots at you and you see a AP round effect, it could in fact be a HE or HEAT round.

If I recall correctly, I think most tank guns show AP round effects in 3rd person.

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