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Hurricanes still in AAR now and then.

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DE    Navy    Jun 19 15:00 - 15:05    westy91 (FR Destroyer)    Antwerp Central    Antwerp Naval Base    Attack    DE Destroyer    20     **4**    133    0    RTB    5

Also, it says 4 kills ???   I only killed 1 eDD.

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been getting that with  my pak36 also  lastnite  used to get a doulbe now and then

last nite got 4 kills off one   kill.. stats a wee bit off atm :D

alsobeen a few times  i was solo one killing a  m10 ( or  firfley) and  got no credit and was def only one  to hit it, thjta has happeended now and then also.

with new patches in an old gaem these types of   quirks can happen

the programer back then loves spagetty logic so  only they could fix there  programs 

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I got the hurricane bug on all ground units, i've noticed that it happens on the oldest kills before the RTB/RES/KIA the recent kills tend to show the names and don't have the hurri bug.

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I get that periodically, with tanks & Inf. Seems to just randomly add the Hurricane Mk 1 to the kill lost in AAR. Have had 1 added, have had 3 added at other times. Thing is, it just adds to total number of kills i did get on whatever mission, but is a fake kill effectively.

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