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Campaign 173 Awards


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Sorry for the delay, all. Took a bit off after 173 ended to go on a little holiday (West Flanders, highly recommend. NZ cemetery in Polygon Wood, Zonnebeke). Without further ado, let's begin.

Campaign 173 Ribbon
Awarded to all allied players and officers of 173, completing a historic turnaround from an invasion of England AND down to the final CPs in the last remaining French factory, completing a comeback to Essen, Dusseldorf, and a 95% map win.

Awarding to the entire Allied side for the HISTORIC comeback of 173. Job well done to all who stuck around through thick and thin, put in SERIOUS hours on pushing the map back. Well done gentlemen! S!


Medal of Honor for Retirement
For a lifetime career in AHC, raising through the ranks, demonstrating at every turn to be a good person and leader of men. CinC stepping down is awarded this ribbon by his serving officers in respect for all the dedication given to the playerbase.

@Justinrot who spent several maps as our CinC, has now stepped down. A HUGE thank you for holding down the fort while AHC found a new successor. S! 


Allied Player of the Campaign
This award is the rarest and most unique award, presented ONLY by the CinC to ONE officer or player at the end of each campaign. The recipient must exhibit dedication, loyalty, and unselfish service in support of the Allies while serving during the campaign.

Awarded to @stromy, a player with versatile skills, be it with smgs, rifles, tanks. Always willing to lend a helping hand, and was a KILLING machine. A quiet, unselfish guy all can look up to as an example of proper gameplay. S! 


Bronze Star
The Bronze Star is the fourth highest decoration that can be awarded by the Allied High Command. It is awarded to any Allied member in any Branch for acts of merit or meritorious service.

I asked AHC to give a list of names of memorable guys from the map. The Bronze Star is hereby awarded to: 
 @rj555, @mundagurri, @stoy, @warhammer, @dubane, @sgttootall, @MrJohnGalt, @krm92 for showing presence, doing the jobs that need to be done, and being all-around team players, both on comms and on the battlefield. S! 


Last Man Standing Award
Awarded to recognise the Allied soldiers, HC and Non-HC, that in the tough times refuse to give up and fight until the last minute of a campaign.

@aomercy is our favorite defender. Always checking on DOs, calling for help when needed, and covering some ABs all alone, denying axis a quick, easy take. S! 


Distinguished Bomber Pilot
The Distinguished Bomber Pilot decoration is awarded to any Allied Member who has participated in thirty (30) bombing missions against Axis Factories, deep behind enemy lines, causing the Axis War production to grind to a halt.

@dustyhc, @snkeyes, @drake1, @dirkski put some HURT on the axis factories in late map, giving us a resupply advantage on the ground to make sure we could hit targets twice and continue the roll when things looked to be at a standstill. S! 


Elite Tanker Citation
Awarded for Distinguished Service as an Allied Tanker to the Player with the most kills over the course of a Campaign. Awarded by the CinC.

@daokoth1was a tank killing MACHINE, scoring over 1,100 tank & ATG kills with his armor, #1 of the map. Absolutely lovely to watch him work from distance or finish off a town at close range. S! 


Map Leader Badge
The Map Leader decoration is awarded to any AHC Officer who acted officially as the map OIC by showing outstanding skills or conducting a notable action for the success of the Allied Side.

@soreta came into HC after a hiatus mid-campaign, and his shifts as the only HC on on multiple days kept the line moving forward, following the plan to the T while other officers were off trying having lives (how dare us). A great example of what HC officers should become. S! 

Congrats to all Allies on a 173 victory. 174 is looking good. Let's keep pushing. S!

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S! To everyone here And all allied players who made this happen, from hc all the way down, everyone did the finest damn job imaginable, you guys all rock!

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I feel hurt and excluded

After a quick Ctrl + F, there are 4 instances of the word "zippy" on this page. People who aren't logged in through this account will only see 1 or 2 depending on whether or not I am viewing this thread or not. 

My expectation was 5 instances with one of those being in the body of the text awards. I propose I get the Allied Side Chat award! 

P.S. Please keep those Blens coming. Much obliged! 

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Excellent work and as former AXIS and now Allied I must say damm great work 

And very well deserved medal to all CONGRATS S!

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S! To all that helped with the come back, it was a great battle and I cant wait to get into more with all the allies.

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8 hours ago, zippy said:

P.S. Please keep those Blens coming. Much obliged! 

I cant fly a plane unless I can see the stick in front of me... paras, hurris, blens. Having fun dropping eggs in ABs tho with the trackpad ;) (and I don't waste real planes)


Side chat award... I could see what I can do.

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