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Issues with Trawler (off-line)


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So far have I only tested the new Trawler off-line, but I assume this issues migrate to the live server. I have only tested with keyboard and mouse so far.

First what happens is that the guns doesn't moves or fires until I have opened and set the keymapper for the Trawler (I needed to do this three times, one for each country). Keymapper is set for joystick by default. The pre-made keymapper for keyboard and mouse is the same as for joystick. Hence the mouse is "dead" before you set it up manually.

Second, after I tried pos.6 (quad gun) and moved to other positions is key 6 "dead". Nothing happens when I want to jump back to pos.6. Not even if I despawn and spawn in again. If I spawned a Trawler from another country could I jump to pos.6 again. But I once again had to set the keymapper for this countries Trawler (see above).


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