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flak 30 & 38 not spwaning at fms's


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Courl dnot spanw  flak 30 or  38's fmro a  reg ms (   2 other people had same problem at there ms's

is this just a axis bug?

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If it wasn't an Axis bug I'd be very worried. Firstly by how the Allies were spawning Flak 30's or 38's! ;)

Anyway, just tested on the live server. Set up a mobile spawn, spawned a Flak 30 at the fru just fine. Flak 38, only spawns at the AB/FB. 

Just checked with the Rats and currently, that is correct, Flak 30 only a mobile spawns.


Only other thing I could think was there could be a difference between garrison spawn list settings a brigade ones. Need to check that next.

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We broke the ability for all guns to spawn from the mobile spawns because the new Allied SPAA's could spawn from the Fortified Mobile Spawn where as the German one could not. We did not want this and it was an accident we missed in testing. So they're temporarily disabled and we're working on our end, for next patch, to resolve this.

Guns will be available at the mobile spawns shortly, where as the SPAA's should not, and will not be.


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