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weird stats


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Sorry if this has already been reported or talked about...

I noticed that the number of kills do not align always with what is reported on csr.  See the attached screenie.

They reflect these sorties, respectively:







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I think you get 2 kills for every atg, tank and truck. That makes it 11 and 12 kills in your two sorties, but then that number gets doubled somehow. Happens mostly on tank missions for me. I'm playing with my steam account.

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So others are experiencing the same thing?

I guess I've not played tanker enough over the years to know if this is how its always been done or not.

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Hasn't always been this way. This stuff started with the Hurricane Mk1 bug fix I think, or is part of that bug. Be nice if this would get addressed by the Rats.  I know they have a lot on their plates, but still.....

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