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Rudder Pedal Help

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Asking for a friend that is trying out the game, he is having syncing/mapping issues with trying together them to work with his setup, (Saitek flight rudder pedals) he is using thrust master warthog joystick and track id, he can only get 2 of the 3 to work. game does not see all 3 items unless he switches in windows to make them the preferred controller, Then the stick is not recognized, only 2 of the 3 will work, any suggestions, much appreciated, thank you

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S! Bro

I had this issues a few months ago and fixed it using the method in my second post in the thread above.

There is also a sticky where Kard came to a similar fix.


To save you time I will just post the fix I used:


The game/windows are looking for and giving priority to joysticks, throttles, ect that are no longer plugged in. You need to remove these old devices from your PC using Windows Device Manager.

Try this link and perform #7 on the list. Unplug all HIDs from your PC except mouse and keyboard first.

Just remove the greyed out entries, listed under Human Interface Devices, reboot and then plug in the devices you want.

If you are still having trouble removing old and unused HIDs, which I believe to be your problem, there's always a fresh install of the OS.


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