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Best Track IR

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TrackIR?  We don' need no steenkin' TrackIR.  :D



The guy in the video has his sensitivity turned down too far.  He has to turn his head way too far, to look all the way to each side.  When he does, he has to look at his monitor with his peripheral vision.  That's totally unnecessary.  You DO want to get an air mouse with a gyro, so you have all the axes covered.


As for me, I bought a G7 gyro air mouse, as it has a charging port.  I ran a charging cable along my headset cable, and taped them together every so often.  Now, I can keep it plugged in and never worry about having to charge it or change batteries.  It also has three sensitivity levels, so you can adjust it to how far you want to turn your head to look to the sides and back.  I bought mine (I don't remember where) for $9 plus $3 shipping.  Not a bad way to spend $12, as it pretty much makes TrackIR and the rest of the head tracking systems look WAY overpriced.


G7 at GeekBuying






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Late to the party, but wanted to throw out one more option...


After getting stopped by the TSA for my self-made TrackIR visor with a 9V battery... I decided to try facetracknoir while travelling and it worked perfectly on MY setup.  I say that because it doesn't work perfectly with every webcam and you can't play in the dark (can't see your face!). It only costs EUR 3.45, needs NO equipment, and the money goes to a good cause.  Also supports tracking VR headsets, Tobii, etc and you can also now use your phone as a webcam.


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Acruco papertrack with opentrack software. Literally print a peice of paper and use a webcam or ps3 eye cam and it works well. Correct angle and lighting are the major hurdles  

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