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Dusseldorf AI Flak oddity


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I was tanking NE of neuss, roughly west abeam of Dusseldorf by 3k, near to Duss raliway bridge and the road west out Dusseldorf close enough to light Duss EWS. The flak was continuously firing, despite no seen friendly aircraft. I noticed that if I looked up, there was flak bursting directly over my head, as if the flak batteries were seeing me as an "aircraft"...

If this is meant to occur - fair enough - but if not, there's something a bit screwy with the Duss AI flak. (and for all I know other similar cities)

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we did at one point have a C47 come in a drop a couple of paras, so the AI might have pick him up and then because he lawn darted after his drop  they may have been firing at his burning wreak.  This could be why the flak was firing toward you fidd. 

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