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Step Forward, Awards for the Battle of Champlon


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Attention Allies!

On the 13th of January, a few of our combatants went above and beyond to help support the fight for Champlon. A nasty, long attrition AO, these guys helped the side from start to finish, securing us a victory in the efforts to liberate Belgium. For their efforts, we would like to award: 

Liberation of Belgium

Awarded by the Allied High Command to recognize incredible combat achievements on the battlefields of Belgium.

Specifically, we would like to award for their brilliant FMSs both at start of AO and through the duration to continue to hold the Zone of Control:

Bronze Supply Award

"The Supply Ribbon is given to players who help keep the Allied machine moving by setting FMSs for missions and helping resupply towns from backline. The bronze ribbon is the 1st step in this award"

Two of our soldiers kept tight watch over captured CPs from start to finish, and deserve recognition for their bulldog-like hold over our gains:

Bronze Bulldog Ribbon

"The Bulldog Ribbon is named after soldiers who guard our CPs and AB's like an angry dog. Can be applied to defense of any Capture Point (including army bases) on Attacks and Defenses. The bronze ribbon is the 1st step in this award"

Congratulations to all who received awards, and to the rest of the allies at Champlon for a job well done, persevering through the entirety of the attack.

Issued January 14th
Approved by Commander in Chief colt
Written by British Country XO jwrona

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